Our Team

David Valenti – Commercial, CFI, DPE
David began his flying career in 1994 flying Hughes 300 and Robinson R-22 aircraft. Since then he has acquired over 6,000 hours. He has flown the Robinson R-44, Hiller H-12E, Enstrom F-28, Bell 206/OH-58, Airbus AS350, Bell 204/205, and Hughes 500 series aircraft.
Dave joined Inland Helicopters in 1997 as a flight instructor. Since then, his flight missions have included crop frost control, cherry drying, news coverage, scenic tours, animal survey and capture, external load, drug interdiction, search and rescue, and law enforcement.
David holds an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Certificate and conducts checkrides throughout the Northwest. He is also responsible for recurrency training for the Spokane Country Sheriff’s Air Support Unit.

Angelo Ferraro, MD – Commercial and CFI Helicopter, ATP Airplane, Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)
Angelo and David became partners in Inland Helicopters together over 10 years ago. Along with being a pilot, Angelo is a Medical Doctor that specializes in cardiology. Having a gregarious and fun personality, it’s always a treat when he shows up at the hangar but you can always go see him when it’s time for your medical certificate.

Jason Snyder – Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII, ATP
Chief Pilot.
Jason began his flying career in 2005 and joined the Inland Helicopters team in 2008. Jason has acquired over 5,000 hours in helicopters including the Robinson R-22 and R-44, Bell 206/OH-58, Airbus AS350, Hughes 500, and Bell UH-1. In addition to his instruction and commercial work at Inland Helicopters, Jason instructs night vision goggle operations and flies for the Spokane County Sheriff’s Air Support Unit.

James Dawe – Commercial, CFI)
James joined Inland Helicopters in 2016 as a flight instructor. He has been flying since 2010 and has experience in the Robinson R-22, and R-44