Commercial Work

Helicopters are extremely versatile, from aerial photo and video, to external loads, animal surveys, and weddings. Inland Helicopters is up to almost any challenge.

Photo & Video:
At Inland Helicopters we understand the dynamics of film and video production and know how to handle the challenges of the weather in the Pacific Northwest. We will work with you to ensure the best results for your project.

Helicopter Charters & Rides:
Inland Helicopters offers commercial helicopter tours and charters to the general public.  Commercial tours allow passengers incredible access to the scenery and natural terrain of the Inland Northwest. Helicopter charter flights are a versatile means of travel; helicopters allow you to land and take off from remote areas, or city-center helipads.

Construction & External Loads:
A unique aspect of a helicopter is its ability to pick up and place loads using a long line into remote or tall areas. Many times a helicopter is cheaper and easier then using a crane or other methods.

Inland Helicopters is equipped for many types of operations. Our survey operations provide a bird’s-eye view from the most reliable helicopters in the aviation industry.

Event Rides:
Inland helicopters offers affordable helicopter rides for events such as fairs and festivals.

Commercial Rates:
Starts at $600 per hour for the Robinson R-44. Please Contact Us for details.